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DUX was founded in 1990 in London by Karin Doeksen. In 1994, DUX opened an office in New York, and in 2002 the agency established itself permanently in The Hague. Karin Doeksen was active in the charitable sector herself and received requests for help with the recruitment of management board members, regulators and experienced professionals. She noticed that there was no specialised agency actively serving the non profit sector. Since then, the agency has more than 20 years of international and national experience in the (international) non profit sector. The team of consultants has built up a huge network and extensive expertise when it comes to the search, selection and testing of executives and specialist professionals. DUX is a part of the Umon Groep. DUX focuses specifically and exclusively on positions in the non profit sector, nationally but also internationally.


DUX is convinced of the importance of the non profit sector for society as a whole. They firmly believe that executives and specialist professionals can make a valuable and essential contribution here. This sector also deserves attention, specialisation and professionalisation with the highest calibre of people. In addition, there is a growing desire among executives from the business world to also make a contribution with respect to social issues. Either through a permanent position or an ancillary one. This is where DUX provides the right kind of guidance and advice on a suitable work environment.

DUX works for various clients, ranging from cultural institutions which include theatre, dance, music and the visual arts, to healthcare institutions, human rights organisations and NGOs. What all these organisations have in common is that they are not driven by commercial gain, but rather by the desire to achieve social goals. Within these kinds of organisations, employees have to meet additional requirements. Consider, for example, a higher level of commitment and a genuine interest in the goals of the organisation. This calls for a distinct approach, specific experience and a vast network to be able to select and advise based on these traits. Needless to say, we take specific rules into account regarding, for example, governance, compliance, diversity or inclusivity.