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Are you looking for experienced and impassioned regulators who have earned their stripes in the business world, the public domain or the non profit sector? And are you also seeking a committed sparring partner and advisor to help you in your recruitment efforts? Then we would love to hear from you. With the DUX team, you have a professional partner who connects you in a personal way with executives who are committed to making a real difference through social impact.

Meaningful positions in the non profit sector

DUX has been mediating executive and regulatory roles for over 20 years in the non profit sector. Highly skilled and driven people who want to make a difference by working in this sector. We will guide you in finding the right candidate for regulatory roles. Whether it concerns a chair, or a member, or an entire supervisory board. Our personal approach is thereby our trademark.

The regulator of the future

The world is changing and the non profit sector is changing along with it. Organisations in arts and culture, NGOs and charities operate in the midst of society. Transparency, inclusivity, digitalisation and globalisation are important factors that organisations undergoing change in the non profit sector have to deal with.

It is expected of the regulator of the future that he or she is capable of operating in this playing field. Both steadfast and experienced, with a proven track record, as well as sensitive and with an eye for what is at issue in society. A regulator tends to have a good feel for the forces at play in the public sector.

We search for the best people who can bring added value to your organisation with their expertise and experience, and in doing so, contribute to good governance. And, of course, we look for the person who best fits the profile (with an emphasis, for example, on legal or financial backgrounds).

Not only non profit

Although we are specialists in the non profit sector, our network is largely made up of executives and professionals from other sectors. For example, business, politics or government. It is precisely specialists ‘from outside’ who often have the qualities needed for regulatory positions. With their knowledge and expertise, they bring a fresh perspective to the organisation. They have approached us because they would like to contribute something extra to society, in addition to their work in, for example, the corporate world.

Our personal approach

Mediation via DUX means genuine, personal attention. We look at what best suits you and the candidate. We are only satisfied once we have found the best candidate for you. We almost always succeed, thanks to our many years of experience, our ability to fathom other people in terms of their motives and behaviour, and also thanks to our large network. We are happy to take the time to analyse what you want and the ‘question behind the question’. Just as with executive positions, we draw up a profile and conduct a search across our extensive network. We then introduce a number of candidates to you, whereby you make the final selection.

We are also capable of putting a full supervisory board together for you. Throughout the entire process, we stand by your side to guide and advise you. Integrity and due diligence are second nature to us. We understand what is important in the recruitment of regulators, for example, when it comes to governance and confidentiality.

Are you looking for an experienced regulator?

Then please contact our consultants Suzette de Ferrante or Annemijn de Lavieter. We look forward to also finding the best candidates for your organisation.

Consultant Suzette de Ferrante +31 (0) 70 7 622 622
Consultant Annemijn de Lavieter +31 (0) 70 7 622 622

Successful placement

Jeroen van Ingen, member of the Supervisory Board

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

“I found the recruitment and selection process through DUX to be really enjoyable and personal.

The contact with consultant Annemijn de Lavieter was open and well-paced, and I really felt that she had an eye for my experience, ambitions and things I wanted, and how these would fit in with the needs of the Amsterdam Dance Event.

”Even after I started in my role as a member of the Supervisory Board, DUX kept in regular contact with me to hear about my experiences. As a result, I have been a member of the Supervisory Board of Amsterdam Dance Event for over three years now, to my full satisfaction.”

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