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Personal data that we process

Dux International processes your personal data either because you make use of our services or because you provided these details yourself when you registered with us.

The personal data that we process for the purposes of your registration:

  • first name,
  • surname,
  • email address,
  • phone number,
  • CV,
  • date of birth,
  • nationality,
  • language,
  • marital status,
  • gender,
  • social media profile,
  • address details,
  • education and experience.

If you are hired, in addition to the aforementioned personal data, we also process your IBAN account number so that we can honour our payment obligations. If you are self-employed, we will also need your Chamber of Commerce registration number and your VAT number.

We have listed below the personal data that we process whenever you visit our website (cookies): Location data, data concerning your activities on our website, IP address, internet browser, operating system and type of device. To find out more about our cookies, please read our cookie statement.

Confidential and/or sensitive personal data that we process

DUX does not collect personal confidential information of any kind. If you have to provide proof of identity, make sure that the MRZ (machine readable zone, i.e. the string of numbers at the bottom of the passport), the passport number and the Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN) are blotted out. This will ensure that we cannot store your confidential personal data in our records in any way whatsoever.

Why DUX needs your data

DUX matches professionals in the communications, fundraising and marketing fields with a variety of clients. Aside from matching your experience and specialisms to the requirements of the client, we also need your data for the follow-up process during which we offer you a contract, for maintaining contact during and after your assignment, and in order to be able to honour any financial obligations we may have.

How long do we keep your data?

DUX will not retain your personal information any longer than is strictly necessary to fulfil the purposes that it was collected for.

  • The expiration date is one year in the event that no appointment is made. After one year, you will receive an automatic email from Dux International, asking you whether we can retain your data for a longer period of time.
  • In the event that you are appointed, a five-year expiration date will then apply. After this period, you will receive an automatic email from Dux International, asking you whether we can retain your data for a longer period of time.

Sharing data with third parties

DUX will not sell your data to third parties and will only disclose your data if this is necessary to provide our services, to fulfil our agreement with a client, or to comply with a legal obligation.

We enter into a data processing agreement with companies that process your data that stem from our assignment, in order to safeguard the same level of security and confidentiality pertaining to your data. DUX remains accountable for these processing tasks.

Viewing, amending or deleting data

You have the right to access, amend or delete your personal data, provided that this is permitted by law. You can email a request to view, amend or delete your data to info@dux.nl.

To verify that a request to view your data has been made by you, we will ask you to enclose a copy of your proof of identity with your request.

On the copy, please make sure that your passport photo, the MRZ (machine readable zone, the series of numbers at the bottom of the passport), passport number and Dutch Citizen Service Number (BSN) are blotted off. This is to protect your privacy. Dux International will respond to your request as promptly as possible, and in any event within four weeks.


At DUX, we take security extremely seriously and implement a range of security measures to protect against the misuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted disclosure and unlawful alteration of your data. If you have the impression that your data is not properly secured or there are indications of misuse, then please get in touch with us.

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, how we process personal data, or our use of cookies, please email these to us at info@dux.nl .