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Are you looking for an interesting regulatory position where you can make a real difference in terms of social impact? Have you earned your stripes in the business world, in the public domain or the non profit sector? And would you like to give something back to society with your knowledge and expertise? We are happy to act as an intermediary for a position as a chair or member of a supervisory board.

Meaningful positions in the non profit sector

DUX has been mediating executive and regulatory roles in the non profit sector for over 20 years. Highly skilled and driven people who want to make a difference by working in this sector. We have a versatile range of regulatory roles at (international) NGOs, charities , foundations, arts and culture institutes and funds. Our personal approach is our trademark.

Have a look at all open vacancies for supervisory board members.

The regulator of the future

The world is changing and the non profit sector is changing along with it. Arts and culture organisations, NGOs and charities operate in the midst of society. Diversity and inclusivity are important factors, both for the content of policies and the composition of the organisation and its regulators. In addition, digitalisation, sustainability, good governance and transparency play important roles in organisations undergoing change. At the same time, society has become more critical and sometimes views with distrust publicly funded institutions.

The regulator of the future is expected to be able to navigate this playing field. Steadfast and experienced, with a proven track record, as well as sensitive and with an eye for what is at issue in society. A regulator tends to have a good sense of the forces at play in the public sector. Our clients take ‘good governance’ seriously and are looking for loyal and impassioned regulators.

Your competences

As a regulator, you have a task that comes with a lot of responsibility. It is a more than a special ‘side job’. You devote your knowledge and experience to civil society organisations. You oversee the management or the board, give solicited and unsolicited advice and also fulfil the position of employer for the management board. You have excellent networking skills, act in a binding way and know what is going on in your sector and are kept informed by stakeholders and the wider public. In view of the rapid organisational developments, an awareness of the latest digital developments is an added advantage. It goes without saying that your analytical skills are very strong and that you act in a self-reliant and independent manner. A supervisory board with a diverse composition (in terms of both gender and background) makes an organisation even stronger. Which is why we invite people from diverse cultural or gender backgrounds to respond.

Our approach

Working through DUX means genuine, personal attention. We really look at what suits you and the client best. In doing so, we make use of our people skills and our network. Our ultimate goal is to find the most suitable position for you. Throughout the entire process, we stand by your side to guide and advise you. We treat the documentation of information with due care and attention to detail.


We are always on the look-out for experienced candidates to add to our network. Are you looking for a challenging regulatory position within the non profit sector? Send your CV with your work experience and let us know which organisations or sectors you find interesting. We are happy to take the time to get to know you personally and to gain insight into a suitable position that matches your profile and aspirations.

Unsolicited application

Would you like to find out more?

For more information, please contact our consultants Suzette de Ferrante or Annemijn de Lavieter. We are looking forward to also offering you a meaningful position.

Consultant Suzette de Ferrante +31 (0) 70 7 622 622
Consultant Annemijn de Lavieter +31 (0) 70 7 622 622

Successful placement

Karin van Gilst, chair of the Supervisory Board

Rialto Film

“DUX has a huge network in the cultural sector and the media world. And knows how to make connections in a very pleasant, personal way.”

I once told senior consultant Jitteke Runia about my passion for film and she made the link with this role.

”The intake interviews went well on all fronts, there was a real click and a sense of added value. The process went really smoothly. Rialto is happy and I’m happy.”

Read the detailed testimony from Karin here.

ingang Rialto

Source: Rialto