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Are you looking for qualified directors? Such as management board members? And would you also like a seasoned advisor and sparring partner who can map out your requirements and take care of the whole procedure? Then please feel free to contact us without any obligation to discuss your requirements.

Directors, managers and professionals for NGOs and charities

DUX mediates between professionals and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and charities. These are often internationally operating organisations in the fields of, for example, humanitarian aid, human rights, children’s rights, welfare, nature and the environment or international partnerships. These can range from permanent and interim directors, managers and senior specialists, such as fundraisers and program managers.

What NGOs and charities have to deal with

Polarisation. Distrust towards institutions. But also a strong focus on creating connections. Broader developments in society are reflected in the world of NGOs and charities. The coronavirus also posed new challenges; for example, face-to-face recruitment of private individuals for charities was on hold for a long time and digital methods have gained in popularity.

Other developments in the sector are making it increasingly difficult for organisations to secure the necessary financing. Among other things, government subsidies (for development cooperation, for example) have been curtailed. This requires organisations to cooperate more closely and form alliances. Competition in the sector has also intensified. At the same time, the labour market is in short supply, which makes it a challenge to find qualified employees and enough of them. What’s more, funding for international cooperations is becoming increasingly more focused on local initiatives.

New forms of leadership on the part of directors

This calls for new forms of leadership on the part of directors. Open and committed. Hybrid working means that the traditional manager who manages people in the office is a thing of the past. It is far more about being able to inspire, motivate and manage staff on the basis of their social values. Also towards stakeholders outside the organisation, the modern leader has an open, connection-oriented mindset, a broad outlook on social issues and excellent networking skills.

Professional skills for specialists

We mediate on behalf of charities and NGOs for executive positions, such as regulators, heads of supervisory boards, directors, heads of development/ fundraising, heads of finance, operational managers or programme managers.

Apart from executive positions, specialists such as fundraisers or marketers are also sought. Organisations and foundations often depend on different types of funds, donors and corporate partners. This naturally requires a range of different skills on the part of the professionals. From marketing skills to relationship management, legal expertise, excellent writing skills and lobbying skills. In addition, having a strong background in data, digital skills, being able to listen closely to what the public has to say and having the courage to take the initiative are all important skills for many different professionals.

Types of employment contracts

We can do the recruitment for permanent as well as temporary positions on your behalf. More and more organisations know how to find us where interim positions are concerned. Read more about the advantages that our guidance provides when it comes to filling interim vacancies.

Our consultants have many years of experience in the sectors that they recruit for. We know the profit and non profit sectors through and through. We quickly understand what is at play and what kind of person and the qualifications they need to have for your situation. We know how to find the right kind of people in the labour market and how to get them interested in coming to work for you. Throughout the entire process from search to placement and evaluation, we are at your side and help you think things through. Driven, personal and sincere. We are committed to assigning you a permanent contact person who you can always rely on. Thanks to our personal approach to work, we are able to achieve results that lead to success for both the candidates and the clients!

Are you looking for these kinds of highly qualified executives?

Such as management board members? And would you also like a seasoned advisor and sparring partner who can map out your requirements and take care of the entire procedure? Then please feel free to contact us without any obligation to discuss your requirements.

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Successful placement

Xanèl Rooderkerk, programme manager Dance

ELJA Foundation

Rooderkerk started as a programme manager at the ELJA Foundation. During the mediation process, she found DUX to be very committed and professional.

I particularly appreciated the fact that the approach of the consultants Victorine and Suzette was personal, while at the same time the procedure was professional and businesslike.

She emphasises that the consultants were always available for any questions and paid a lot of attention  to providing explanations and clear feedback.

As a result of this process, I now have the best job I could ever have imagined!