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DUX acts as an intermediary between directors and different types of funds. Do you manage a fund and are you looking for an experienced director or regulator who wants to dedicate themselves to social causes? Or do you want to set up an agency organisation or (family) foundation and are you looking for the right kind of professionals? And are you looking for a committed advisor and sparring partner who can map out your issue and take the recruitment procedure off your hands? Then please get in touch with us to discuss what you need without any obligation.

Contribute to society

There are all kinds of funds, such as equity funds, family trusts, donor funds, corporate funds, inheritance trust funds, institutional funds and foundations. They all have the goal of wanting to contribute or give something back to society. Their missions can focus on different themes, for example, in the areas of children and arts education, health, human rights, education, nature, culture, environment or sport.

Committed intrinsic leadership

Managing a fund requires a specific style of leadership. Transparency and intrinsic engagement with the envisaged social mission It is important that executives and board members have the skills to listen and make connections. It requires self-reflection and an ability to navigate between the foundations or financiers behind the fund as well as the stakeholders, and also to be able to take effective decisions.

Finding the best executives

As a director, you want the fund’s capital to end up in the right place. This can only be done with carefully selected directors, regulators and specialists. DUX has a lot of experience in finding and placing executives and professionals for these organisations. This may concern a managing director, a regulator, a member of the management board or the management team.

We are happy to help and advise you in finding the best candidate for your fund. We know the profit and non profit sectors through and through. Our focus on and specialisation in the non profit sector enables us to carefully identify what kind of person and which qualifications they need to have to be a good fit for your organisation. Throughout the entire process from search to placement and evaluation, we are at your side and help you think things through. Driven, personal and sincere. With successful outcomes for both the candidates and the clients!

Are you looking for these kinds of highly qualified executives?

Such as management board members? And do you want an experienced consultant and sparring partner who will map out the key issues for you and take care of the entire procedure? Then please feel free to contact us without any obligation to discuss your requirements.

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