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DUX acts as an intermediary between executives in the arts and culture sector, and organizations such as museums, theatres and music institutions. Are you in need of qualified directors or senior professionals at board or management level? Would you like an experienced recruitment consultant to outline your requirements and oversee the administration on your behalf? Or are you actively seeking a position yourself? Contact us to discuss your requirements without obligation.

Developments within the arts and culture sector

The art and culture sector is undergoing continuous transformation and there have been significant changes since the coronavirus pandemic. Museums, theatres and music institutions must now adapt to different types of revenue streams, and modify their menu of services and programmes accordingly.

Large international tourist groups are visiting museums less frequently. Theatres must account for fewer visitors in their auditoriums. Furthermore, increased digitization – as in the methods of ticket sales, for instance – has impacted the business operations of these institutions

The creative element must also adapt to contemporary demands. Diversity and inclusivity are key factors in these considerations. What should be offered at theatres and museums is a topic of continuing public discussion. Arts and cultural institutions serve a social purpose and will increasingly seek to collaborate with other organizations in the future, incorporating new target groups as a result.


New requirements for professionals and executives

The necessary competencies for executive professionals and directors in the cultural sector reflect these new developments, calling for new styles of leadership. They must include attributes such as flexibility, digital proficiency, good listening skills, intuition, a broad and inclusive perspective, a curious mindset and a creative style of thinking.

The way clients evaluate potential candidates will also change. They will need to revise their recruitment criteria to ensure diversity and inclusivity within their organizations and adapt to new ways of working with diversified teams.  Attributes such as experience, for example, might therefore be of lesser importance in a quest to modernise an existing management setup. A review of key requisites will be crucial at this point. We are in the ideal position to support and advise you through this process.


Type of positions

Qualified professionals, in addition to first-rate executives, are essential for any successful organization. They are experts in their field who help shape new developments such as digitization, alternative revenue streams and new initiatives. Currently, there is a growing demand for fundraisers, communication experts, and digital marketeers, but positions such as project leader, project manager, consultant, director of operations and finance director remain as important as ever.

Within the arts and culture sector, positions in demand include board members, fundraisers, marketeers, online specialists, operations managers, programme managers and directors of finance.

Specialists from outside the non-profit sector

Specialists from within, but notably also from outside the non-profit sector, often have the essential skills relevant to the continually evolving organizations within the arts and culture sector. A marketeer from the business world, for example, can be a valuable asset to a cultural institution. Thanks to our network both inside and outside the non-profit sector, we have the ability to find the best candidates for your appointment, whether it be a permanent position or a  temporary assignment (interim or substitute). Our personal approach is one of our key strengths. We guide you throughout the entire recruitment process: we examine your specific requirements, evaluate their underlying rationale and identify practicable solutions whilst offering you an ongoing, highly personalized level of service and support.


Are you looking for qualified directors or senior professionals at board or management level?

Do you also need an experienced consultant and advisor who can outline your requirements and oversee the entire recruitment procedure on your behalf? Or are you looking for a position yourself? Contact us to discuss your requirements without obligation.

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Successful placement

Anne de Haij, Director

Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Since 1 February 2021, Anne has been the director of the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. “An innovative young woman with a contemporary vision who really makes a difference in the museum world, around social themes such as diversity and inclusion”, said Jitteke Runia, senior partner, who oversaw the mediation process from DUX.

De Haij reflects on a pleasant process via DUX. ”From the first interaction to the placement and the genuine engagement after the process had been wrapped up. Jitteke guided coached me during our meetings and conversations. Thanks in part to her feedback, I approached each new round of interviews very well prepared and full of confidence.”

Jitteke coached me during the process.

Pascal Visee, head of the supervisory board, is also happy with the guidance DUX provided. DUX did a thorough preselection and was able to present us with a wealth of suitable candidates. After that, we were guided very well through the process of making a shortlist and through the final selection procedure on the basis of interviews (which were guided by DUX). A professional and pleasurable process, and also very efficient and down-to-earth.”

A professional and pleasurable process, and also very efficient and down-to-earth.”