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Whether you take up a position as an executive, interim professional or regulator, you can always expect a personal approach from DUX. Read below about how candidates have experienced working with DUX. You can also read about our clients’ experiences on the references page. 

Lidewij de Koekkoek

Director Frans Hals Museum

“DUX International approached me in the autumn of 2021 to ask if I would be interested in the position of Managing Director of the Frans Hals Museum. In the procedure that followed, I got to know the team at DUX, and Esther Driessen in particular, as professional, enthusiastic, constructive and open. Every effort was made to make the process as pleasant as possible for me and for the Supervisory Board. The personal touch in the guidance and the follow up after my appointment is something I very much appreciated.”

Xanèl Rooderkerk

Programme Manager Dance ELJA Foundation

“DUX guided me through the application process for the position of programme Manager Dance at the ELJA Foundation. I found the cooperation with DUX to be committed and professional. I especially appreciated that the approach taken by consultants Victorine and Suzette was personal, while at the same time, the whole procedure was handled in a deft and professional manner. They were always available for any questions and took great care to provide any explanations and clear feedback. Thanks to this procedure, I now have the best job I could possibly imagine!”

Ditte Ooms

Marketing and Communication Manager Nederlands Fotomuseum

“After I responded to the vacancy, DUX called me back the same day. An exceptionally quick response! I was not familiar with the agency and they did not know me and because of the upcoming closing date of the vacancy, we had to act quickly. Even though we did not meet in person because of corona, the contact between us was really nice and pleasant. It clicked! Throughout the year, DUX was always on hand and ready to discuss any developments at the client’s company. Since after four months the assignment changed in terms of content, good consultations took place on how to flesh it out further. My experience of working through an agency had been very limited, but after a year of working with DUX, I am happy to see that I’ve made some new contacts in my professional field and that this has opened up new opportunities in territory that is less familiar to me.”

Irene Pronk

Managing Director Leidse Schouwburg – Stadsgehoorzaal

“I first became acquainted with DUX during my selection process. The guidance was professional, clear, and personal in a good way. Consultant Victorine van Manen, as the designated point of contact, not only ensured that the procedure was well-organised, but above all, created an atmosphere that put me at ease and which helped me to bring out the best in myself!”

Judith van den Berg

Relationship Manager Major Donors Artis

“I came into contact with Suzette from DUX through someone I know. The candidate process for the position at ARTIS was already at an advanced stage, but there was an instant click which meant we were able to shift gears super-fast and I was still able to be part of the procedure. I wanted to make the transition from a commercial environment to a charity, but institutions often go for the ‘safe’ option, for candidates who already have experience in that branch. DUX dared to take on this ‘out-of-the-box’ placement and I am very grateful to them for that. I feel right at home in this fantastic position where I can fully commit myself to ARTIS. The whole process of working with DUX has been a real pleasure for me.”

Karin van Gilst

Chair of the Rialto Film Supervisory Board

“DUX has a huge network in the cultural sector and the media world. And knows how to make connections in a friendly, personal way. DUX approached me for the role as chair of the Supervisory Board of Rialto Film. I once told the senior consultant, Jitteke Runia, about my passion for film and she made the link with this supervisory board position. The introductory talks went really well for both parties; there was a real click and a sense of added value. The process went really smoothly. Rialto is happy and I’m happy.”


Manager Social Fundraising Foundation

“DUX has a good eye for the perfect match. Contact throughout the application procedure was really pleasant. Good preparation, constructive coaching and prompt feedback ensure that you go into the interviews feeling confident and are able to relax and enjoy yourself. I’m extremely happy with my new workplace, with many thanks to DUX!”

Tjipke Bersma

Interim Director Terre des Hommes

“I’ve had two positive experiences with DUX. In 2021, I was approached for a role on the supervisory board of the KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation. This was a very thorough recruitment process with numerous interviews and ultimately a successful selection. At the end of 2021, I was asked if I was still available for an executive role as a temporary replacement for the CEO at Terre des Hommes. This was a matter of considerable urgency, but again DUX and the supervisory board of Terre des Hommes handled it confidentially and meticulously, although this time at a much faster pace. This is how I got to know DUX within a short amount of time as an organisation that is both agile and thorough and able to adapt to the situation and aspirations of the client and candidates.”

Antoinette van Dorssen

Director Duivenvoorde Foundation

”I was working at an open-air theatre, but as an art historian, I missed the arts sector. When this vacancy appeared, I immediately called DUX to see if I fit the profile. After that, everything went quite quickly. I went to The Hague for an interview. Shortly afterwards, all interviews had been arranged by DUX and the procedure was handled promptly and professionally. I look back on the whole process with a great deal of satisfaction. Now a year-and-a-half later, I can still say that the position fits me like a glove!”

Wendy Flik

Senior Relationship Manager Trusts and Foundations at the Red Cross

”My first meeting with DUX was two years ago now. After a really nice intake interview, it didn’t take long before I spotted the Red Cross vacancy and decided to apply. Several good conversations followed and I turned out to be the best candidate! I found DUX to be an excellent intermediary, who listened carefully to me and was a very agreeable mediator, so that in the end, it turned out to be a good match on all fronts. I am still happy with my choice and look back with satisfaction on how the whole process went and on the cooperation with DUX.”