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Whether you are looking for an executive manager, an interim professional or regulator or a supervisory board, DUX guarantees a personal approach. Read some of DUX client testimonials below. And view our experiences page for DUX candidate experiences.

Lot Jens

Director of Princess Maxima Centre for Pediatric Oncology

“DUX really helped us out. They were able to draw up a precise job profile because they asked about the job function as well as the personality of the candidate they were looking for. Then we got to see good CVs. And now we are very happy with our new colleague. The right person in the right place.”

Erna Kortlang and Ruben Maes

Members of the Supervisory Board at the Leidse Schouwburg-Stadsgehoorzaal Foundation

“We had an extremely pleasant and constructive time working with consultants Victorine van Manen and Suzette de Ferrante in finding the new managing director of the Leiden Schouwburg-Stadsgehoorzaal (LSSGZ) Foundation. The guidance was professional, careful, goal-oriented and personal. The result is that, thanks to the efforts of DUX, we have been able to appoint an excellent managing director to the LSSGZ. Communication went really well and competently, and a lot of attention was also paid to the involvement of the management team and the works council at LSSGZ. The recruitment and selection process was under a certain amount of time pressure and it is very nice to be able to look back on a process that went smoothly and very professionally.”

Hans van der Windt

Business Manager Nederlands Fotomuseum

“DUX really helped us a lot when we were looking for an experienced interim marketing and communication manager. They went through the sudden vacancy with us and knew how to ask the right kind of questions. During the search, I was regularly updated about the progress. It was a difficult period, experienced marketing and communication consultants/managers are highly sought after everywhere. Jitteke told me very clearly what the expectations were for success.

Initially, we were looking for someone to take charge of the marcom department as an interim manager during the reopening of the museum after the long corona lockdown. For us, it was not only about the opening of the museum, but also about the launch of the Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography. This campaign gives the Nederlands Fotomuseum a new profile. A series of challenges followed when we sought to get the public to visit the museum within the possibilities of the corona measures. And Ditte succeeded in doing just that.”

Read here about the candidate’s experience (Ditte Ooms, marketing communication manager at the Nederlands Fotomuseum) of the placement for this assignment.

Sander Tideman

Garrison Institute International

“We had a vacancy for a very specialised position, within the not-for-profit sector, which “ordinary” recruiters were unable to handle. We came into contact with DUX as the result of a recommendation from another agency, that was a year and a half ago now. We created a profile together and then DUX set out and oversaw the process. That went really well and it all worked out. Contact was very personal. Moreover, Karin and Victorine were very attentive and proactive. Regular phone calls and emails, coming up with ideas with us when situations arose and – what was also really nice – sitting in on the interviews. It does help, having someone with a different perspective around the table. So my experience with DUX is really positive!

Henk van der Meulen

Royal Conservatoire The Hague

‘I knew Karin Doeksen, the founder of Dux, from the cultural governance circuit. What appeals to me about this agency is its experience in the international, cultural and non profit sectors. This expertise is what we love to unleash on our vacancies, and that always works out brilliantly. Dux streamlines and manages the recruitment process, conducts preliminary interviews with candidates and makes the pre-selection. One thing that stands out for me is the careful way of communicating, through short lines of communication. With a lot of attention for the human side, without things ever becoming too soft. It strikes me, for instance, how thoughtfully and empathically Dux deals with the rejected candidates. I know this because I have occasionally run into those people later on. After all, our world is not that big. It’s always nice to hear that the process has been handled properly, which also reflects positively on us as an organisation.”