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Diversity & Inclusion

The subject of diversity & inclusion is and will remain a hot topic, both for society as a whole and the working environment, in your organisation as well as our own.

Inclusion is about connecting people, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, possible physical disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

If you place this next to diversity, this creates a paradox: whereas diversity focuses on the ‘being different’, inclusion takes the emphasis away from this, because it is primarily all about connection – regardless of our differences.

Moreover, diversity as a requirement is a delicate matter, because it can raise doubts as to whether the differences or the skillset are decisive when it comes to making an appointment. In other words: emphasising diversity in your policy can also lead to ‘being different’ becoming the most important component, when you want employees to connect with each other based on collegial interest and profession. So you want to have a diverse team, but you don’t want that to be the deciding factor when making the final choice as it essentially comes down the individual’s talent, right?

How do you incorporate diversity & inclusion?

In order to discuss this subject, to share knowledge and to inspire each other, we have organised an inspiration session scheduled to take place on September 22 with guest speaker Joris Luyendijk. We do this on the basis of ‘De zeven vinkjes’ (‘The Seven Checkmarks’), the book that he published earlier this year. What are the seven checkmarks? How does this affect an organisation? In this interactive and undoubtedly lively crowd session, Joris is happy to discuss the topic with you, how you feel about this, and what your thoughts are on this matter.

Art Centre

Will you be joining?

Date:     22 September 2022
Time:          15:30
Location:    Art Centre Delft
Rotterdamseweg 205, 2629 HD Delft


15.30:   Reception
16.00:   Reading with Joris Luyendijk
16.45:   Q&A with the audience
17:15:   Networking session

Who is Joris Luyendijk?

Joris Luyendijk belongs to a section of the Dutch population who are ‘socially untouchable’ and never confronted with discrimination: a white, heterosexual male from an ‘elite background’, grammar school educated from Hilversum, and graduated from the University of Amsterdam.

In ‘De zeven vinkjes’ (‘The Seven Checkmarks’) Luyendijk tries to understand how his own standpoint has affected his own self-image and his perspective on humanity and society as a whole. And what does it do to a country when people like him are at the helm? Because in many places, in the upper echelons of politics, the mainstream media, public administration and business, the highest positions are occupied by men like Joris Luyendijk.

Register for the session

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Have you read the book ‘De zeven vinkjes’ (‘The Seven Checkmarks’)?

We will raffle 10 exclusively signed copies books. Did you win a copy of the book? Then you will receive a message before that time so you can take the book with you on September 22!

We hope to see you there!