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When filling a vacancy on a temporary basis, DUX takes care of the entire process: the search, recruitment and selection, proposal rounds, handling the contract, administration and guidance. Candidates we deploy on secondment are either employed by us (temporary employment contract) or are mediated by us as freelancers.

Fast, flexible and competent

As soon as you engage our services, we get to work for you. We start with an intake. You let us know us what your request is, what position you want to temporarily fill and for how long. We ask about your specific requirements so that we can suggest the best professionals for your job. Our search is aimed at finding the candidate who provides the best match in terms of competence, experience, personality and ambition. We think things through in a critical and creative way with you, the client. We will immediately start looking through our extensive network for a suitable interim manager or specialist with the right kind of qualifications. We usually present several candidates to you within 4 to 14 working days whom you can choose from. Naturally, we are looking for someone who can start quickly, who is capable of learning quickly and who can be employed on a flexible basis. The number of hours and the period are arranged according to your request: for a short or longer period, full-time or part-time. As flexible as you need it to be.


After the candidate has been placed, we will work with you and the interim manager to oversee that thee desired end result is achieved. We do this on the basis of a plan of approach drawn up by the candidate, and through an interim evaluation. We make agreements with the candidate regarding the handover at the end of the assignment, in order to safeguard important information for the organisation. If, despite our careful selection and guidance, the assignment is not carried out as desired, or if someone falls ill, we will quickly look for a suitable replacement. If desired, an agreement can be extended or – after a minimum period of 6 months – changed into a permanent contract.

Committed partner

What your organisation wants always comes first. We nominate the candidates, but as a client, you decide who you will work with and how the candidate is put to work. Throughout the assignment period, we will guide you as the client, along with the candidates. We are your remote, on call, sparring partner. Our personal approach is our added value. For our candidates, we facilitate knowledge development through meetings, workshops or intervision.

Non profit rates

The search and interim evaluations are free of charge. We only invoice the hours that the placed interim manager or specialist has actually worked within your organisation. These hourly rates are in line with the non profit sector and, as an extra service, we take both the search and the handling of the administration off your hands. When a candidate is placed on secondment through us, we guarantee a salary in line with the market and the associated rates.

Dux takes the burden off your hands!

DUX also arranges all legal and administrative matters on your behalf. Including agreements, employment contracts and checks the Employment Relationship Deregulation Act (DBA), GDPR (AVG), certificate of conduct (VOG) and references. We also arrange invoicing and payment, you will have access to our interim portal for this purpose. This is how we take the burden off your hands.

DUX is a part of the UMON Group. Our joint back office is ISO and NEN certified for handling temporary employment contracts and freelance contracts. We thus guarantee reliable and correct legal and administrative services and offer both the interim manager and you as the client financial security and continuity.

Would you like more information?

Also take a look at our vacancies or follow DUX on LinkedIn. For more information, please contact our consultant Jitteke Runia. We look forward to also offering you a challenging value-driven assignment!