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Non executive board member - Finance (reactietermijn gesloten)

8851 Wildlife Justice Commission 's-Gravenhage Raad van Toezicht

For its client Wildlife Justice Commission, DUX Executive Search is seeking for a

Non-Executive Board Member – Finance

Organisatie | Organisation

The Wildlife Justice Commission, founded to protect vulnerable species from transnational organized crime, has created extraordinary impact since its establishment in 2015. In over eight years of disrupting and helping to dismantle transnational criminal networks trading in wildlife, timber, and fish, WJC has facilitated 201 arrests of high-level suspects, with a 100% conviction rate for cases that have gone before the courts, and helped to seize nearly 3.9 tonnes of ivory, 214 rhino horns, 7.9 tonnes of pangolin scales and other parts from endangered wildlife.
To further develop its impact, the Wildlife Justice Commission has expanded to Thailand and is currently working to establish a presence in the United States. WJC’s Dutch entity will remain a critical hub for work on development, external relations, and communications. The Hague office employs approximately 20 people, in total WJC employs around 110 persons.

Functie inhoud | Tasks and responsibilities

This Dutch entity will be overseen by a minimal three-member Executive Board, composed of one executive director and two non-executive directors. The Wildlife Justice Commission is currently seeking one non-executive member to join the existing executive and non-executive members in supporting WJC’s work with mission-oriented advice and oversight. This non-executive member will be charged with supervising the board’s executive member, WJC’s long-time Executive Director, Olivia Swaak-Goldman, in her oversight of the Commission’s Dutch operations, activities, and administration. This non-executive board member will also support the Dutch office in collaborating constructively, guided by an inter-entity affiliation agreement, with WJC’s partner entities in the United States and Thailand. Susi Zijderveld, the current chair of WJC’s Dutch Supervisory Board, will serve as the other non-executive member of the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Executive Board, co-supervising the executive member and supporting collaboration with WJC’s affiliate entities.

Wij zoeken | Job requirements

Candidates for this non-executive board membership should have significant expertise in finance and IT management as well as experience with Dutch nonprofit entities to join its Executive Board and provide mission-oriented advice.

Our ideal candidate has the following experience:

A passion for justice and nature and helping to disrupt global criminal networks trafficking vulnerable species;
Dutch financial regulations and reporting expertise;
Audit experience (WJC is hoping to move to a less intensive audit format); in this role you are also Chair of the Audit committee;
International financial matters knowledge relating to independent country offices and money moving between them;
Capacity to read financial reports and provide financial Strategic recommendations that will address potential financial risk.

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